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Late 2017

Picture shot in November 2017

December 2015
Picture shot in November 2015

Picture shot in November 2017

December 2015

Picture shot in November 2015

I didn't put anything in my profile for security reasons I had a bad experience before because I had too much information in my profile. So, here's more information about me:

Please press on the blue tabs above to go to my other website pages. Please be sure to visit my music page and listen to my songs  I wrote and performed (with headphone!).

When I wrote this my POF profile is incorrect on my age, I tried to correct it but I have to make a new profile to correct the age. As I write this I am 58, born in 1959.

I have been living in the Bellingham, WA area since 1999. Vancouver, Canada is just an hour drive to the North.

I attended college in the SF Bay Area at San Jose State and Cabrillo College and also several aviation training facilities over the years.

I have been married once to a great Korean lady.  It was a friendly divorce caused mostly by differences in our life goals.  We parted and friends.

My new job is pilot for the airlines and teaching in the classroom and flight simulator and aircraft flight instruction and to administer flight tests to pilots for airlines that purchase new airline aircraft.  My work location is in South Florida, South France and Singapore and I live in Bellingham/Vancouver area and Miami and have an office/music studio/workshop in Bellingham, WA.  Most of my time will be spent in South Florida for now.

I am a father of the best daughter (born in 1991) in the world, brother of two great sisters, uncle, great uncle, musician, singer, songwriter, uncle, woodworker, cabin  builder, boss, administrator, jet captain...

French or Spanish are my strongest second languages and Mandarin would be my third, Korean and Russian would be my 4th and 5th, and Tagalog would be my 6th. I don't understand any of them fluently but I can say most of what I want to say in Spanish and French and maybe half of what I want to say in Mandarin, I can read Korean and Russian out loud, but don't understand most of what I'm reading.

Countries I have visited:
Seychelles, Madagascar, Morocco, Singapore, China, Taiwan (I realize that China claims Taiwan as its 23rd province still), all 50 US states, India, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Poland, Great Britain, Norway, Turkey, Germany, Canada, France, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Afghanistan, Bahamas, St. Vincent, French and Dutch St. Martin, Turks and Caicos, U.S. Virgin Islands, Iceland, Russia, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Egypt, the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Spain, the Maldives, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Korea (the Republic of Korea, commonly referred to as South Korea), Japan, Tahiti, and I think that's it.

As a boyfriend, or companion, or partner, or husband, I would like to think that I am gentle, empathetic, compassionate, cooperative, considerate, affectionate, supportive, and dependable.

What I am looking for: My only requirement is that we are attracted to each other and then navigate the rest.

My USA cell phone number for text, Viber and Whatsapp is 360-296-9315.

WeChat ID is chatwithdannyboyonly
no spaces all small letters.

My email address is dtn5977@gmail.com



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