I am Captain-Type-Rated on this aircraft and flew this for UAL passengers operated by Republic Airlines, watch the video in the cockpit of a different flight crew landing in Miamibelow:




ERJ -170, ERJ -190, (Includes models 175, 195 and the Lineage Corporate Jet)  (SIC 121, PIC 61.58 current until 12/31/2016) 

ATR-42, ATR-72, (PIC 121 current until 6/30/17)

G-100, IA-1125  (PIC 61.58 current until 10/1/2013)

LR-JET  (PIC 61.58 was current until 2/1/2013)

G-IV SIC only (61.55 was current until 6/1/2013)

BE-400 / MU-300 PIC 135.293 / 61.58 was current until 12/1/2011

EMB-145 (currency expired 12/1/2009)

HS-125  (currency expired 11/1/2007)

CE-500   (currency expired 10/1/2006)

MU-300  (135 currency expired 12/1/2011)

Casa 212 (SIC Type in FAA process) (61.55 was  until 7/1/2013)

First-Class Medical

RVSM FSI Certificate - October 2012

FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit 

US Passport valid until 2020

No FAA Violations

No Active FAA investigations

No FAA Incidents/Accidents past 30 years

No Motor Vehicle Citations/DUI s/DWI s - USA, Canada, World

No criminal record, Clean PRIA/TSA background checks

No Drug/Alcohol screening positives/failures

Amateur Radio – Technician FCC License - Morse Code 5 w/m. 


I am captain type-rated on all of the pictured aircraft.

Lineage Corporate Jet EJR-190 Type Rating

Legacy 600    


EMB-145 Type


  ERJ-170/190 Series

  ERJ-170/190 Type

  Cockpit pictured  



    Legacy 600 cockpit  

Hawker 800 XP



Beech 400A (Hawker 400XP)


United Nations             Learjet 35A

I flew the actual aircraft pictured in Afghanistan briefly.


Learjet 35A or 36A 


Gulfstream 100 

Astra SPX

Casa 212-300 


SIC  only

Citation V (CE-560)


Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond

Gulfstream IV (G-IV) 

SIC Type only


I am a Captain on the Legacy 650 (EMB-145)
shown in the video with music below:

 Recent Qualifications and Experience:

  • I am PIC-typed and PIC current from FSI in STL (part 61.58) on the ERJ-170,175.190.195,  and Lineage 1000 until 12/31/2016 (ERJ-170/190 type).

  • I am PIC-typed and was PIC current from FSI in DFW (part 61.58) on the Astra SPX / G-100 until 9/30/2013 (IA-1125 / G-100 type).

  • I am PIC-typed and PIC current from FSI in TUS (part 135.293/297/299/Instructor) on the Lear 35A/36A until 1/31/2013 (LR-JET type). (.297 expires 8/1/2012).

  • I am SIC-typed and 61.55 current on the G-IV until May 2013.

  • I am PIC-typed and have captain experience in the Middle East, India, Asia and Europe on the Legacy 600 (EMB-135BJ), (EMB-145 type).

  • I am PIC-typed and have 523 hours of 135 Captain and Check Airman experience on the HS-125 (-700/800/800XP) and 1783 total HS-125 type hours.

  • I am PIC-typed and have 506 hours of captain experience on the CE-550/560 and 1030 total CE-500 type hours.

  • I am PIC-typed and was SIC current (part 135.293) on the BE-400A (EFIS) and Hawker 400-XP until 11/30/2011 (BE-400 type).

 I am a Captain on the Astra Jet (IA-1125 / G-100) shown in the video with music below:

Previous Positions and Titles held:

EMB-145 type Captain of Singapore-London-Dubai-San Jose based part 135 operation,Part 135

Director of Operations and Chief Pilot of multiple-jet operations, 

 Vice President and General Manager of Part 135 multiple-jet operation,

Part 135 HS-125 Check Airman and Training Captain,

Part 135 CE-550/560 and HS-125-800 Captain, (operating extensively in the New York City area in low visibility and rough weather, dealing with holding and diversions to alternates and contaminated runways, at LGA, JFK, TEB, EWR, ORD, DET, CLE, TEX, ASE, EGE, JAC, SUN, APA...)

Certified Flight Instructor: Multi-engine/Instrument,

AMR Part 135 Administrator of Flight (regional Chief Pilot),

Aviation Manager and Captain of a private Hawker 800A operation,

Part 91 Aircraft Maintenance Manager for HS-125-800 and AC-690B, 

“Lifeguard” Air Ambulance Captain,

US Forestry (USDA) contract Captain piloting a Seneca II, Aerial Photo (fire hot-spot infra-red-video surveillance)

I was a leader of the DOD's CARB (Commercial Airlift Review Board) inspection preparation team while serving as Chief Pilot at EHA of EvergreenWe passed the April 2012 inspection with the help of my leadership. 

Commuter Airline Captain, Scheduled 135 Carrier,

Industrial Fire-fighter and Safety Officer,

Project Manager of the following projects reporting to President/ Owner:


·         Hawker, Learjet and AC-690B major overhauls, major interior upgrades, painting and avionics installations, including attention to part 135 compliance issues such as “fire blocking”, “burn tests”, “Electronic Flight Bag” installations and usage on (part 135) IFR approaches,  

·          Aircraft sales and acquisitions,

·         Acquisition of Part 135 multiple-jet operation,

·         RVSM upgrade, compliance, flight testing, and monitoring flights,


·         Development and major revisions of GOM's, RVSM and MNPS operations manuals and Flight Operations Training Manuals. 



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