I am a Corporate Jet Captain.  I became unemployed a few years ago and lost "my" house in foreclosure in spite of the short-sale offers.

I am starting a non-profit corporation.  It's sole purpose will be to fight for the "Little Guy".

First on the agenda: 

  • To make the current types of mortgages and their foreclosure clauses ILLEGAL!
  • To obtain a refund from the financial institutions a significant portion of the mortgage payments paid by foreclosure victims like myself.
  • To develop starter-properties that can be paid off and really "owned" from day 1 for the amount of a down payment in a traditional mortgage.  I will elaborate later.

Why should we pay these guys 3 to 5 times more than the original property value to finally own our home?  Well they will argue that the "time-value of money" or interest is owed to them.  But why so much?  I will elaborate and show the money trail to where all our money we "invested" into our homes went.  They got to keep the profit from that money as well as "our" homes!

We should not just accept this!

Please help me with your time and donations as little as $3.00 to start this company and get it off the ground.

If you donate please send me your email address so that I can thank you and keep you informed.  If you can help in other ways please let me know.



Please mail cash or check in the amount as little as $3.00 to:

Danny Newsom

1201 Denali St.

# 203

Anchorage, AK


My Email Address:


Thank you for your help!

All funds will be used to file forms to open the non-profit corporation and begin the efforts to meet the agenda shown above.

You can click on the link to the left Aircraft Pilot Services for information about me.

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