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Please look around on my website to learn more about me, click on the blue tab "Aircraft Pilot Services by Danny". On the pages that request a log-on ID and password please request that from me.

If you would like some initial ground instruction or career advice for a very reasonable price, please contact me and we can arrange that.  I will charge only $12 an hour over the phone or in person.

Please let me know what your goals are and I can help you find tune them and accomplish them.

My specialty is directing you to all the free information out there saving you lots of money towards paying for flight instructors, aircraft rental, and reference material.

Your first goal should be to prepare to pass the Private Pilot written exam if you have not already done so.

The text books available on the website that I am directing you to will be the first resources that you will need to study to pass the written exam.  I will give more direction on what areas to concentrate on.

 Your second goal should be to accomplish an introductory training flight with your local flight school if you have not already done so.  You should not sign up for continuing lessons at this point.

 I will can meet you for group or individual sessions or we can arrange for phone sessions, tailored for your needs.  Let's begin with a free phone conversation and lesson and I will give you some homework.

 I will be the instructor; I am a former airline pilot and international corporate pilot most recently having flown FedEx multi-engine, turbine-powered airplanes and Republic Airlines ERJ-175 Jet Airliner for UAL passengers.

 I can help you prepare for:

FAA Private Pilot

Instrument Pilot

Commercial Pilot


ATP Pilot 

Career counseling

Job placement counseling

Airline-interview prep

Preparations for the above mentioned FAA written tests and flight training to dramatically reduce the cost of flight training. I also will cover Jet Type Rating preparation, Jet Transition, RVSM, MNPS, RNP, International Procedures, Career Counseling, NACA approach plates, Aerodynamics, Crew Resource Management particularly situational awareness, regulations and, operation specifications and air carrier certificate management...

 Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!

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