Music Production & Performance by Danny

Currently I play keyboards and guitar and sing in the 80's classic rock band "Danger Reef" based in Bellingham, WA.

 I played full time in 1983-1984 as band leader, lead guitar and vocalist in the Red Lion Inn entertainment department at various properties. Since then I have played in several working bands and have been recording originals.  I also play drums, keyboards, blues harp (harmonica) and bass. "Get Lucky" with me in 1983 are pictured to the right.

On the left, "Nearly Famous" with me (right)  playing the black and gold Les Paul and Jeff Cook, lead guitarist/singer from the country-cross-over band Alabama is (middle) on bass and Leslie Scarborough is playing keyboard while her husband then, Colin is hidden behind the drums. This was taken during the Yakima, WA  Fair in 1983 at  the Thunderbird (Red Lion Inn/Double Tree).

Original music performed and recorded by Danny Newsom, Copyright 1984, 2005, 2012: 

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Downloads from Human Epoch  CD (and others) below are free but a small donation would be greatly appreciated!!!:

Please listen with headphones and excuse the poor engineering!  With your donations I will be able to upgrade my equipment and hire professionals to help me perfect these songs and record new ones and perhaps spend less time working in other occupations now required to bring home the bacon.

Most of these recordings are incomplete, out of beat, out of tune as well and comprise the results of just a first-time recording as I created the song.  I would be remiss if I claimed that they were even close to release-quality.  But I still find great enjoyment in listening to my own creations and thank those artists that have influenced me.  I hope that you can enjoy them as well and perhaps copy, paste and forward the link below on to your friends, family and coworkers to help me to create, refine, and release my songs.

Please email me to show your support if you like any of them and give me suggestions for lyrics...

I am engineering and playing all instruments and singing all vocals in the recordings.

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Please email me if you donated. Thank you!!!

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Please listen with headphones and excuse the poor engineering!
Most of these recordings are incomplete, out of beat, out of tune as well and comprise the results of just a first-time recording as I created the song.
In Your Eyes.wma In Your Eyes.wma
Size : 3506.907 Kb
Type : wma
Dragons' Breathmint.wma Dragons' Breathmint.wma
Size : 0.82 Kb
Type : wma
Factory.wma Factory.wma
Size : 1.327 Kb
Type : wma
Dessert Nights.wma Dessert Nights.wma
Size : 2.394 Kb
Type : wma
The Spell.wma The Spell.wma
Size : 5035.923 Kb
Type : wma
Dragon's Breath.wma Dragon's Breath.wma
Size : 4790.813 Kb
Type : wma
Desparate Cry.wma Desparate Cry.wma
Size : 3705.329 Kb
Type : wma
It's not All Bad.wma It's not All Bad.wma
Size : 378.845 Kb
Type : wma
Makes me Sad.wma Makes me Sad.wma
Size : 939.095 Kb
Type : wma
I Want My Baby.wma I Want My Baby.wma
Size : 3862.899 Kb
Type : wma
Sand and Sun.wma Sand and Sun.wma
Size : 3028.36 Kb
Type : wma
Santa Cruzin.wma Santa Cruzin.wma
Size : 3028.36 Kb
Type : wma
Stayin Out.wma Stayin Out.wma
Size : 588.938 Kb
Type : wma
Threads of Reverb.wma Threads of Reverb.wma
Size : 886.571 Kb
Type : wma

Other more recent work:

Gracie-03.mp3 Gracie-03.mp3
Size : 989.921 Kb
Type : mp3
This House of Mine.wav This House of Mine.wav
Size : 792.64 Kb
Type : wav

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